Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations

Faculty Members

The following faculty members are currently able to supervise graduate students in the collaborative program. Representative publications are listed.

Abada, Teresa  - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 2003, University of Alberta): demography of immigration, immigrant children and youth integration.

Adams, Tracey L.  - Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 1997, University of Toronto): sociology of work; gender, class & race at work; professions; profession-state relations; historical sociology.

Allahar, Anton  - Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 1981, University of Toronto): sociology of economic development, political sociology, ethnic and nationalism studies.

Arku, Godwin  - Associate Professor, Department of Geography, (PhD 2005, McMaster University): housing trajectories of immigrants in Canada, urban development, economic development, housing and health relationships.

Ballucci, Dale - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 2009, University of Alberta): administration of criminal justice, legal regulation of children and youth, sociology of law

Bangarth, Stephanie  - Associate Professor, Department of History, (PhD 2004, University of Waterloo): East Asian diaspora in North America; Canadian social movements; Canadian immigration and refugee policy; human rights advocacy history in Canada and the United States.

Baruah, Bipasha  - Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Women’s Issues, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, (PhD 2005, York University): women and property ownership, gender and globalization, development-induced displacement, women in non-traditional occupations, women in the green economy.

Baxter, Jamie  - Associate Professor, Department of Geography (PhD 1997, McMaster University): risk perception, community responses to hazards, geography of health, methodology, qualitative methods.

Beaujot, Roderic  - Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, (PhD 1975, University of Alberta): population of Canada, demography of immigration, immigrant integration, population and development.

Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce  - Professor and Chair, Hispanic Studies Program, Modern Languages and Literatures (PhD, McGill): language contact, second language acquisition, the Nahuatl language in contact with Spanish in Mexico.

Buzzelli, Michael  - Associate Professor, Department of Geography. Director of Education and Associate Executive Director, Canadian Policy Network, (PhD 2001, McMaster University): urban planning, housing, environment and health, health hazard exposure analysis, socioeconomic determinants of health, geographic information systems (GIS).

Choi, Kate  - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology. (PhD 2010, University of California - Los Angeles); family demography, international migration, social stratification, and quantitative methodology.

Clark, Kim  - Professor, Department of Anthropology. (PhD 1993, New School for Social Research): anthropology of the state; historical construction of gender, class, race, ethnicity and nation in Ecuador; Indigenous-state relations in Latin America.

Cleveland, Mark  - Associate Professor, DAN Management and Organizational Studies. (PhD 2006, Concordia University): cross-cultural consumer behavior, culture in consumption, globalization and culture, ethnic identity and acculturation, cosmopolitanism, ethnicity and materialism, culture values, culture and decision-making, gift-giving.

Darnell, Regna  - Professor, Department of Anthropology (PhD 1969, University of Pennsylvania): First Nations nomads in relation to self-government and the Canadian nation-state; Canadian identity and ethnic identity; Indigenous peoples.

Dyczok, Marta  - Associate Professor, Departments of Political Science and History (DPhil 1995, University of Oxford): international politics and history; Eastern Europe; media; migration; post-communism.

Esses, Victoria  - Professor, Department of Psychology (PhD 1986, University of Toronto): immigration and refugee policy and practice; settlement and integration policy and practice; attitudes toward immigrants, refugees, and cultural diversity; national identity and its influence on social inclusion, intergroup relations, and belonging; promoting welcoming communities across Canada; diversity in the workplace.

Farah, Randa  - Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology (PhD 1999, University of Toronto): Refugees, displacement, conflict, memory/history, identity, nations and nationalism, gender, children, humanitarian aid.

Flath, James  - Associate Professor, Department of History, (PhD 2000, University of British Columbia): Cultural and social history of North China including studies of folk art, the cultural significance of the Chinese home and temple festivals; development of ‘public history’ in China as seen through monuments and museums. Current project on the architectural and cultural history of the Confucius Temple (Kongmiao) in Qufu, Shandong.

Gilliland, Jason - Professor, Department of Geography, (Phd in Geography from McGill University 2002), Director, Urban Development Program, Cross Appointment with School of Health Studies and the Department of Paediatrics: Architecture, urban planning, and human geography.

Granadillo, Tania  - Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, (PhD University of Arizona): endangered languages; language ideologies; language shift, maintenance and revitalization; language documentation and description; Venezuelan Amazon.

Halpern, Monda  - Associate Professor, Department of History (PhD 1997, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario): social history of Jewish immigrants in the United States and Canada (1880-1950), issues of Jewish identity.

Hopkins, Jeff  - Associate Professor, Department of Geography, (PhD 1992, McGill University): Cultural conflicts of ethnic identities in space and place, representation and practices of ethnic identities in landscapes.

Jorgensen, Dan  - Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology (PhD 1981, University of British Columbia): provincial boundaries, the demarcation of mining impact zones and ethnic identities in Papua New Guinea; the position of local identities in an imagined global geography; mobility and new information and communications technologies.

Larkin, Sherrie N - Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology (PhD 1998, McMaster University). Temporary labour migration, migration and international development, Caribbean.

Lawson, Erica - 
Assistant Professor, Women's Studies and Feminist Research. The production of sexual knowledge in Black women’s lives; Black feminist studies, anti-racism studies and African-centered schooling. Slavery and Abolition in the Atlantic World.

Lehmann, Wolfgang  - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology. Work, education, and social inequality.

Levine, Charles G.  - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD, University of Alberta). Social psychology, ego development, critical theory and the history of sociological theory.

Lozanski, Kristin  -  Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, King`s University College (PhD 2008, University of Alberta): globalization and (im)mobilities, transnational reporductionésurrogacy, travel/tourism, colonialism, gender and racialization.

Luginaah, Isaac  - Associate Professor, Department of Geography, (PhD 2001, McMaster University): population health, environment, migration and health.

Margolis, Rachel   - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 2011, University of Pennsylvania): demography, families, population health, aging

Miller, James  - Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Graduate Chair of Comparative Literature, and Director of the Pride Library (PhD University of Toronto): medieval and renaissance poetry, cosmopoetics, gay studies, Italian literature

Nathans, Eli  - Associate Professor, Department of History (PhD 2001, Johns Hopkins University): citizenship and naturalization policies.

Olson, James  - Professor, Department of Psychology (PhD 1980, University of Waterloo): social psychology of justice, attitudes and persuasion, social cognition.

Pearson, Wendy G.  - Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, Chair, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research (PhD 2004, University of Wollongong): Gender and sexuality studies, including queer theory, feminist theory and critical race theory; Cultural studies; Indigenous film and media; contemporary queer Canadian culture, including Canadian cinema, Canadian popular culture, and Canadian literature; science fiction and sf history, theory and criticism

Pennesi, Karen -  Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology (PhD 2007, University of Arizona): language and identity issues with diversity of personal names in Canada, immigrant integration, performance of social identities, cross-cultural understandings of environment.

Quinn, Joanna  – Associate Professor, Department of Political Science (PhD 2003, McMaster University): transitional justice, acknowledgement, post-conflict reconstruction, reconciliation.

Robin, Alena  - Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Graduate Chair, Hispanic Studies (PhD Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico): Latin American Art: Baroque, Nineteenth, and Twentieth centuries, Latin American Art in Canada, Theories of Art and Artistic Literature in Spain and Latin America, Historiography of Viceregal Painting in New Spain

Rothstein, Mitch  - Professor and Director, DAN Management and Organizational Studies (PhD 1983, University of Western Ontario): career development of immigrants, leadership development, personnel selection, personality-job performance relations.

White, Jerry   - Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 1988, McMaster University):Aboriginal well-being social and economic; ethnic diversity and conflict.

Wolff, Victoria   - Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literature, (PhD 2008, McGill University): literature, music, film, transatlantic Hispanic world.