Current Graduate Students


Degree Program and Department

 Research Topic

Kathya Aathavan

MA, Sociology

Olowabukunsola Folashade Adegbenbo

MSc, Psychology


Hana Ahmed

MA, Anthropology

Nationalism, Ethnicity and Identity politics

Esra Ari

PhD, Sociology

Political Participation of Blacks in Canada

Awish Aslam

PhD, Sociology

Labour Market Integration of Muslim Women in Canada (Immigrant Status and Race)

Sarah Aswad

MA, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research

Jemima Baada

PhD, Women's Studies and Feminist Research

Gender, Migration, Food Security, Development, Sub-Saharan Africa

Anjana Balakrishnan

PhD, Psychology

The Successful Immigrant to Canada: Towards a Multi-Perspective Definition

Maria Laura Flores Barba

PhD, Hispanic Studies


Kayla Baumgartner

PhD, Geography

Experiences of Lesbian Migrants in South Africa

Alexandra Bozheva

PhD, Geography

Mapping Welcomeability of Canadian Universities and Cities and the Well-being of International Students

Georgina Chuatico

MA, Sociology

Social and Human Capital, and the Economic Integration of Immigrants

Maya Clarke

MA, Anthropology

Historical Evolution of Barrel Shipping and the St. Lucian Diaspora

Ileana Diaz  

MA, Geography

Food Sovereignty, Peasant Livelihoods, and Agrarian Movements in Puerto Rico

Riley Dillon

PhD, Geography

Gender, Migration, and Remittances from Botswana to Zimbabwe

Ryan Endicott

MA, Sociology

Migration and Refugees

Emily Field

PhD, Women's Studies and Feminist Research

Policy & Service Provisions for HIV Positive Migrant Women

Crystal Gaudet

PhD, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research

Immigration and Domestic/Informal Labour

Federica Guccini

PhD, Anthropology


Marcelo Herrera

MA, Anthropology

Latino Immigrants, Violence, Religion, and Identity in London, ON

Tasmeea Islam

MA, Sociology


Sebastien Kouakou

PhD, Hispanic Studies

(Auto) Representation of the Gypsies in the Hispanic Gypsy's Literature

Eugena Kwon

PhD, Sociology

Examining the role of food literacy in shaping immigrant integration experiences in Canada

Emmanuel Kyeremeh

PhD, Geography

Immigration, Integration, Housing, Employment, Social Capital and Networks

Tina Luu Ly

PhD, Sociology

Immigrant Health, Social Determinants of Health

Jon Malek

PhD, History

Pearl of the Prairies: The History of the Winnipeg Filipina/o community,1959-2010

Stuart McHenry MA, Geography

Immigrant groups, public space, urban culture

Cavita Devi Meetun

MA, Sociology

Immigrant Financial Security: An Analysis of Differential Saving Patterns

Lianne Mulder

MA, Sociology

Decolonization of education, Ethnic relations issues in the education system

Gwynne Ng

MA, Sociology

Inequality of Immigrant Populations in Canada

Sonia Nguyen  

MA, Sociology

Labour Market Integration and Immigrant Professionals

Paolo Palma

MSc, Psychology

Perceptions of Individuals Along Dimensions of Race and Immigrant Status

Sagi Ramaj

MA, Sociology

Migrant integration, LGBT Populations

Yujiro Sano

PhD, Sociology

Oral Health of Immigrants in Canada

Nadja Scholte

MA. Anthropology

Names and ethnic identity in Canada- born children of immigrants

Nassisse Solomon

PhD, History

Perceptions,Representations and Migration: An Examination of Ethiopian Migration to Canada 

Natasha Swiderski

MA, Hispanic Studies


Syna Thakur

PhD, Sociology

Second Generation Punjabi/South Asian Community Access to Sexual Health Education and Resources

Jennifer Tran

MA, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research

Amna Wasty

MA, Sociology


Joshua Wright

PhD, Psychology

Religious Identity and Perceived Threats Through The Media

Jutta Zeller-Beier

MA, Anthropology

Immigration, Civic Engagement, Leadership and Inclusion