Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations

Conferences and Workshops

From time to time the Western Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations hosts conferences and workshops. To date, we have hosted the conference, Taking Stock of a Turbulent Decade and Looking Ahead: Immigration to North America 2000-2010, which resulted in a book project. We have also hosted a workshop, Promising Practices in Promoting Intercultural Competence for the Workplace, which contributed to the development of training materials on Intercultural Competency being used by the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre.


Course Offering - Summer 2017 - Saint Mary's University (Anthropology 3711.1 - Forced Migration and Atlantic Refugees) - If you are interested in a course which offers you the opporunity to do hands-on work in a refugee clininc in Canada this course might be for you! Read more here.

A Mini-Conference on Migrant Vulnerability - Friday, April 22st - McGill University - This year the theme of the conference isUnspoken Vulnerability of Migrant Workers.  Read more here.

Women's Studies and Feminist Research Graduate Student Conference Tuesday, April 25th - 9:30am to 4:30pm - International and Graduate Affairs Building Atrium - This year the theme of our annual conference is Feminist Activism: Organizing for Change. The keynote speaker is Sunera Thobani and her talk is entitled: Rethinking Feminist Activism in an age of Global War and Right Wing Populism. Read more here.

Call For Papers - There are 5 days left to submit abstracts (200-400 words only) for the forthcoming academic conference on ‘Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Victims of Human-Trafficking? Analysis, Advocacy and Assistance between Categorizations and (Self-)Identifications’, organized by Mahidol University and UN-ACT in Bangkok on 21-22 June 2017. Read more here. 

Public Lecture - Dr. Elizabeth Hoover and Dustin Garcia - "The Fire was Ignited Within Us: How Standing Rock Became the Epicenter of the Indigenous Movement" Read more here.

Public Lecture - L. Elly Gotz, Holocaust Survivor - What We Choose to Remember About the Holocaust. Read more here.

Doctoral Defence Shezan Muhammedi will be defending his doctoral thesis on Monday March 13. Shez has been a longstanding member of MER, first as an MA student and then during his PhD where he also served on MERSEC. For more information, including a poster here.

Migrant Exclusion - The Case of Domestic Workers Friday, 3 March 2017 | 2 to 4pm | Room 305, Third Floor, Founders College | York University, Keele Campus. Most migrant workers confront conditions of non-citizenship, discriminatory policies and exclusionary contexts of reception. This joint keynote will compare the experiences of Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers in the Middle East as they negotiate the conditions of their labour and migration. Dr. Parreñas and Dr. Silvey will discuss their ongoing collaboration that considers patterns of serial labour migration and migrant exclusion - including ineligibility for permanent residency, absence of labour market flexibility and denial of the right to family reunification - mediating the lives of temporary labour migrants in the region. Read more here.

LMLIP Day of Learning: Building a Welcoming Community for immigrants to London & Middlesex on March 1, 2017.The event will be held at Siloam United Church, 1240 Fanshawe Park Rd East, from 1-4:00 pm. Registration and lunch start at 12:30 pm. Register here

Call For Papers - 'Urban planning and migrants in the city: glocal and transnational perspectives' | Deadline: 10 March 2017 | Send your abstracts by e-mail to both and to the session organizers ( ). Read more here. 

Call For Papers - Concordia Political Science Graduate Conference - Concordia University’s Political Science Graduate Students’ Association and the Department of Political Science invite graduate students to submit paper proposals for our 6th annual Graduate Student Conference, which will take place Friday April 11th, 2016. The theme is the Canada’s 150 th anniversary of confederation, the maple model for social inclusion, multiculturalism and peacekeeping.

Presentation - Life as a Refugee: From Refugee to Londoner Tuesday, June 20 | 8:30am-4:00pm | Goodwill Industries, 255 Horton Street East

Call For Papers -WEFLA / Canadian Studies Conference Holguín Cuba April 27-29, 2017 | Proposals for papers are welcome (deadline February 15) on a variety of topics: language, literature, linguistics, communication, culture, Canadian studies. Please consider participating in this warm and intellectually stimulating event! Read more here.

Careers at the UN - IAre you interested in learning about different careers at the United Nations? Come and listen to Fernando A. Flores, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Regional Office for the United States and the Caribbean. Since May 2014, Mr. Flores has worked with the Regional Representation in Washington for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He is currently an Administrative Associate supporting the Regional Private Sector Partnerships (PSP) Officer covering the Americas. He provides back-end operations support to offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States and also serves as a liaison between the region and PSP headquarters in Copenhagen. Prior to that he served as a Program Associate providing program and operational support to all the units; establishing, maintaining and implementing partner agreements; carrying out budget preparation, monitoring and evaluation of activities; and coordination of direct assistance to persons of concern in the Caribbean. Click here to register.

Global Cafe - In light of recent events, SGPS is encouraging the graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to join us in the IGAB atrium from 3-5pm on Friday, February 10 for a special Global Cafe.  Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to graduate education.  Please join us in support of our international students, faculty, and staff. Read more here.

Call For Papers - The Sociology of Migration Research Cluster is Calling for SubmissionsDetails for the Sociology of Migration sessions are available at our cluster web-page. In addition to our regular sessions, we encourage students to apply for our Junior Scholars Workshop. This is an excellent professional development opportunity for students who are ABD or up to two-years from achieving their PhD to be paired with leading scholars in the field. Discussion of individual papers will include a brief summary of the paper by its author, faculty feedback, and an open session for questions and dialogue. If you’re interested in participating in the CSA, but currently in the midst of completing a research project, don’t miss this chance! Read more here.

Workshop - Busted! Myth vs. Reality: Canada's Refugee Program - London Public Library - Canada has opened its doors to thousands of refugees, from Syria and other countries and there has been a lot of discussion about what it is costing us. Join us for an engaging workshop/information session on the topic, as we as we bust some myths about Canada's response to the international refugee crisis. This program will create awareness about refugees in Canada and share some enlightening truths about Canada's refugee program. Let's question what we know and find some truths together. Read here for more.

Call For Papers - 21st Anniversary Symposium  Transformation Across Time and Space: The Near and Middle East in Context - The Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Graduate Students’ Association (NMCGSA) of the University of Toronto invites proposals for the 21st Annual Graduate Students’ Symposium, to be held on March 9, 2017. The NMCGSA does not wish to limit or discourage submissions, and so has established a broad and inclusive theme accommodating a variety of topics and student-proposed panels. We will consider all topics related to the study of the Near & Middle East, as well as cognate regions such as the greater Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Central and South Asia. We encourage pre-planned panels and will do our utmost to accommodate student proposals. Graduate students are invited to submit an abstract of 250 words or less via e-mail attachment by January 27th, 2017 to the committee at:

Professional Development Events for Graduate Students: There are currently 8 professional development events for grad students posted for this term. Read more here.

Sociology Colloqium Series - Dr. Jenny Trinitapoli - Friday, Jan 19th, 2017 - 11am-12pm - SSS 5220 - Dr. Trinitapoli researches both social demography and the sociology of religion. She has written extensively on the role of religion in the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. She is co-author of Religion and AIDS in Africa. Since 2008 Trinitapoli has been the principal investigator of Tsogolo la Thanzi (TLT) — an ongoing longitudinal study of young adults in Malawi supported by grants from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. TLT asks how young adults negotiate relationships, sex, and childbearing with a severe AIDS epidemic swirling around them. Read more here.

Call For Papers - THE POLITICS OF LIFE: Rethinking Resistance in the Biopolitical EconomyWe are accepting proposals on any topics that relate to biopolitics or the politics of life from across the social sciences and humanities. Contributions from graduate students (or advanced undergraduate) students from all disciplines and critical perspectives are welcome. We welcome submissions from upper-year undergraduate students, and all graduate students at the Masters and PhD levels.  Paper proposals of 200 to 250 words, accompanied by a short biography (100 words), should be submitted to by no later than the 6th of January of 2017.

Call For Papers -  Seventeenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations –We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Seventeenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations, held 26–28 July 2017 at the University of Toronto – Chestnut Conference Centre in Toronto, Canada. Read more here.

WSFR Speaker Series - Dr. Cheryl Suzack - Thursday, Nov 17th, 2016 - Somerville House 3317 - Dr. Suzack's research focuses on Indigenous law and literature with a particular emphasis on writing by Indigenous women. In her book, Indigenous Women's Writing and the Cultural Study of Law, she explores how Indigenous women's writing from Canada and the United States addresses case law concerning tribal membership, intergenerational residential school experiences, and land claims.

Postdoctoral Research FellowThe Institute for Mental Health Policy Research is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to undertake a comprehensive training program to gain a better understanding of mental health and substance use issues in Indigenous communities and ways to build community capacity for strengths-based programming to improve community wellness. The research team has extensive experience conducting community-based research and developing strengths-based programming in First Nations communities. We have collected data on community strengths, resilience, social supports, cultural identity as well as historical loss and unresolved grief, attendance at and the intergenerational impact of residential and Indian day schools. We are also studying the health effects of maternal opioid use on children. The team is also leading the development of a men’s mental health program in one First Nation, through participatory action research. Read more here. 

2017 Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity, and Transnationalism (CCMET) Article PrizeThe CCMET Article Prize acknowledges scholarly articles and book chapters, in English and French, judged to have made an original, significant, and meritorious contribution to the historical study of migration and ethnicity. The winners receive a certificate of achievement and their names are published on the Canadian Historical Association website. A monetary award will be given, pending the results of the fundraising campaign. The prize will be awarded annually by the Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism of the Canadian Historical Association. Deadline for Nominations: January 17, 2017. Read more here.

Interview - Why research should be a priority in the global response to the child migration crisis -Dr. Bina D'Costa - Read more here.

Public Lecture Migrant Farm Workers: Re-imagining Rural Ontario - Evelyn Encalada Grez - Multiculturalism and diversity significantly inform cultural and political imaginings of Canada. However, these imaginings hold sway in urban landscapes rather than the rural. Based on 15 years of community engaged scholarship and organizing with migrant farmworkers in rural Canada, this presentation will map how migrants are erased and segregated in predominately “white” rural townships in Ontario. Social exclusion is built into Temporary Foreign Worker Programs servicing agricultural with severe impacts on migrant workers lives, sense of themselves and belonging. Equity, racial justice and workers’ rights and well-being are foundational for strong communities and in this case, require urgent re-imagining of the rural. Read more here.

Public LectureExperiences of Migration: A Contemporary Dialogue with the Christian Tradition - November 17, Victor Camarona The experiences of immigrants, refugees, and the communities that welcome or exclude them have intrinsic spiritual, theological, and ethical value. Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation is an opportune moment to dialogue with the Christian tradition and one another to interpret what their experiences may mean in light of faith and to discern how they call us to embrace our shared future in hope and love. Biblically and theologically informed perspectives on immigration can complement—and even outweigh—dominant accounts of immigration as an exclusively political, economic, or social issue. Read more here.

Book Release - Immigration, Public Policy, and Health Newcomer Experiences in Developed Nations - In this timely edited collection, Dennis Raphael critically analyzes how public policy directions affect the health outcomes of immigrants. Using a comparative case study methodology, the contributing authors consider the immigration experience in nine developed nations: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Topics explore the “healthy immigrant effect,” the experiences of immigrants versus refugees, the influence of anti-immigration political parties, and the link between multiculturalism policies and successful integration. This text is ideal for students interested in comparative health care systems, health economics, and global immigrant experiences. Read more here.

Call For Papers - 2017 Annual Meeting – Revitalizing the United Nations for Human Rights, Peace and Development This is the first ACUNS meeting to be held in East Asia, or in Asia broadly. We will be working with colleagues of the KACUNS in Seoul, Korea, to reach out to UN studies associations, institutions and individuals in the region. We very much welcome this as an important bridge-building initiative; thus we will look for scholarly papers that might identify and engage regional as well as global topics including but not limited to the promotion and protection of human rights; the challenges of peace and development; supporting global civil education; the dynamics of relations amongst Asian states on issues of human rights, peace and development, and how these take shape within the UN framework—including the possibility of peaceful reunification; the evolving roles of regional bodies, non-government organizations, civil society and the private sector; as well as shifts in relations between the region and external actors. Read more here.

 "Project 562: Changing the Way We See Native America" - Project 562 creatively addresses and remedies historical inaccuracies, stereotypical representations, and the absence of Native American images and voices in mass media and the national consciousness. They believe that there is an open space that is yet to be filled—that space is authentic images and stories from within Native America. Matika’s work aims to humanize the otherwise “vanishing race,” and share the stories that Native people would like told. In this respective way, they have been welcomed into hundreds of tribal communities, and they have found that people welcome Project 562, because they are ready to see things change. Conversations about tribal sovereignty, self-determination, wellness, recovery from historical trauma, and vitalization of culture will accompany the photos in captions, video, and audio recordings. Admission is free and children are welcome. Donations are appreciated. Read more here.

Call For Papers - Tenth Global Studies Conference - We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Tenth Global Studies Conference, held 8–9 June 2017 at the National University of Singapore in Singapore. We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, colloquia, virtual posters, or virtual lightning talks. The conference features research addressing the annual themes and the 2017 Special Focus: "Global Mobilities."Read more here.

Pathways to Prosperity 2016 National Conference: Shapping Immigration to Canada: Learning from the Past and a Vision for the Future. Early bird rate extended to Wednessday, OCtober 19. The aim of the fourth annual national conference of the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership is to take stock of what we know about immigration policy and practice, and develop a vision for the future of immigration to Canada. What should we be aiming for through our immigration program and how do we best work to achieve these goals? How we can optimize policy and practice for the benefit of newcomers and more established Canadians alike? Participants are invited to think big about the possible future of immigration to Canada, and consider what we should set as our ideal vision for Canada and for immigrants who choose to make Canada their home.  A detailed agenda is now available hereFor further information, to register for the conference, and to book a hotel room, click here.

Call For Papers - Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism – The 2017 CHA Program Committee, has decided to organize what they hope will be an annual event at the CHA called "CCMET Conversations". The idea is to organize a forum where interested scholars can convene and talk about evolving historiographical, conceptual and theoretical issues, network, try out new ideas and hopefully draw new researchers to the field. Designated participants will speak for  5-10 minutes about a chosen topic but with an emphasis on conversation so that everyone in attendance can participate. The conversation theme this year is on how language shapes our research (e.g. refugee v. forced migrant, immigrant / emigrant / migrant). If you are interested in this topic and would like to speak about it based on your past, current or future research, please let Laura Madokoro ( or Sylvie Taschereau ( know by Friday, 14 October, by sending a long a two-sentence description of what you would like to speak about as well as a short CV. Read more here.

Call For Papers - Heritages of Migration: Moving Stories, Objects and Home – The early colonization of the Americas represented the layering of cultures and new inscriptions of place. Today we see conceptions of the stability of ‘old world’ that have been challenged by centuries of two-way flows of people and objects, each engendering new meanings, allowing for new interpretations of landscape, the production of identities and generating millions of stories. The emergence of the ‘new world’ in opposition to the old – in real, imaginary and symbolic terms  – problematizes sense of place and induces consideration of a ‘placelessness’ as a location for ideas of home, memory and belonging. This conference looks at the actors and processes that produce and reconfigure the old world in the new, and the new world in the old across the Atlantic – north and south – through constructions of heritage in material and immaterial form.  Its focus is upon the widely conceived Trans-Atlantic but we also welcome contributions that focus on the heritages of migration from around the world. Read more here.

Call For Papers - CON-IH 17 || Global and International History: Migration, Immigration and Diaspora March 9th and 10th 2017 at Harvard University – The organizing committee for the Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History (Con-IH) invites graduate students to submit proposals for its seventeenth annual conference. This year’s theme is migration in international and global history. The conference will take place at Harvard University on Thursday March 9th & Friday March 10th 2017. Read more here.

The MA program in Immigration and Settlement Studies and the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement are proud to present: "Ireland, Austerity, and the Crisis of Migration" - Please join RCIS and the MA in Immigration and Settlement Studies on October 5th, 2016 at 6:15 for a presentation by Dr. Mary Gilmartin, Visiting Scholar from the National University of Ireland Maynooth, as she discusses the impact of austerity on migration in Ireland. The presentation will take place in 225 Kerr Hall East, 340 Church Street. Read more here.

Interactive Workshop by Rigoberto Marquez, Columbia University - “Latina Immigrants Mothers teaching about Latina/o(x) LGBT/Queer Youth Issues in Schools” - This presentation will focus on research with a group of mothers who have created a LGBT/Queer curriculum series that engages Latina/o(x) immigrant communities. Part of the presentation will focus on the research, while the latter part will provide participants an opportunity to engage in a couple of the activities they use in their teaching. Read more here.

Call For Papers - Migration, Mobility & Displacement This Special Issue seeks to bring attention to the global nature of asylum and refugee politics, and to bring attention to the ‘forgotten corridors’ that have disappeared from the political agenda in light of the Syrian emergency. Papers will focus on migrant journeys, on the corridors of mobility that are forged as they cross social, cultural, political, and geographical borders. Read more here.

Call For Papers - Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 6Graduate students in the social sciences and humanities are cordially invited to submit proposals to present a paper at Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 6, McMaster’s sixth Graduate Conference on the Internationalization of Public Policy. Read more here.

S.D. Clark Symposium on the Future of Canadian Society. An important one-day symposium featuring leading researchers in the field of immigration. The symposium will be held at the University of Toronto on 4 November under the auspices of the SD Clark Chair of Sociology. Admission is free and all are welcome but seating is limited so registration is required at

Pathways to Prosperity Workshop on Attraction, Retention, and Integration of Immigrants in Smaller Communities, (St. John’s Newfoundland, October 7, 2016). For more information:

Call For Papers - Journal of Traditional Art and Folk Culture   Overview - Traditional Art & Folk Culture is a refereed, multi-disciplinary, peer-refereed publication concerned with traditional art and folk culture, policy and practice. JTAFC publishes the very best empirical and multidisciplinary work research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Science areas.  Aims and Scope - The journals provide forum and encourages scientists, social researchers, academics, artists, curators, writers, theorists and policymakers, and practitioners in all aspects to share their professional and academic knowledge in the fields specialising in traditional Art and Folklore, Anthropology, Fine Art, Classical Studies, Archaeology, Ethnology, Cultural studies, Art History and related disciplines. Read more here.

Pathways to Prosperity 2016 National Conference - The Pathways to Prosperity Partnership will hold its fourth annual conference at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa starting at 8:30 AM on December 1, 2016 and finishing at 5:00 PM on December 2, 2016. On November 30 we will be hosting a full-day workshop for the Local Immigration Partnerships and the Réseaux en immigration francophone. The Conference will include plenary sessions, workshops, roundtables, poster presentations, and enhanced opportunities to network with colleagues. Find out more here