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The Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations is one of the six governing research centres that encompass the Network for Economic and Social Trends (NEST), which brings together the research centres in the Faculty of Social Science.

The Western Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations facilitates research that draws on academic knowledge to inform public policy and practice on migration and ethnic relations in Canada and internationally. The goals of the Centre are to foster interdisciplinary research among faculty and students on questions of direct relevance to migration and ethnic relations, provide training opportunities for students beyond the borders of their own discipline and Western, and forge links with policy makers, the academic community in Canada and internationally, and the community at large. 


News and Announcements

Indigenous people in London experience more discrimination than other minorities, report finds | September 2021 
Report compared discrimination toward Indigenous people, immigrants and visible minorities. Indigenous people in London and Middlesex County experience more discrimination than immigrants and visible minorities, according to a report commissioned by London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP), which is associated with the City of London. Read More

Tracking discrimination in London | September 2021                                                             
Dr. Victoria Esses joins Rebecca Zandbergen on London Morning to talk about some of the findings in the Discrimination Report with London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership. Esses joins London Morning to talk about some of the findings. Listen Here

50th Anniversary Podcast Episode on Ugandan Asian Refugees in Canada | June 25, 2021
We hear Shezan Muhammedi's  motivation for doing a PhD on the resettlement, integration and identities of Ugandan Asian refugees in Canada. A structured question he asked was how people identify themselves. “Everyone described themselves as Canadian. Aside from the amount of time they had lived in the country, it was about Canadian values…” Listen here on Youtube

Newcomer Program Preps for Post-Pandemic Realities | May 31, 2020
New federal funding will help a Western-led program continue exploring welcoming environments for newcomers, even as Canada’s attitudes toward new immigrants will surely be tested by the economic and social uncertainty of a post-pandemic world. Read More

Analysis: Immigration to London Soars to Five-Year High – A Crucial Boost for Local Economy | March 7, 2020  
Some 3,330 immigrants arrived in London last year, the highest number in the last five years and a sign, some say, that efforts to attract more newcomers to London are paying off – and will need to in the years ahead, as well, to keep the city’s economy strong. Read More


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