Faculty Members

*Faculty members that are currently able to supervise graduate students in the collaborative specialization. Representative publications are listed.

*Abada, Teresa  - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 2003, University of Alberta): immigration; economic and social capital and integration of immigrants; transnationalism.


*Adams, Tracey L.  - Professor and Chair of Sociology, Department of Sociology, (PhD 1997, University of Toronto): professions; work; gender.


*Arku, Godwin  - Associate Professor, Department of Geography, (PhD 2005, McMaster University): immigrants housing; transnationalism; sanctuary cities; economic development; urban development; policy analysis.


*Ballucci, Dale  - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, (PhD 2009, University of Alberta): legal decision making in immigration and refugee cases, unaccompanied children.


*Bangarth, Stephanie  - Associate Professor, Department of History at King's University College, (PhD 2003, University of Waterloo): Canadian human rights and social movements; Canadian immigration and refugee policies.


*Baruah, Bipasha  - Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Women's Issues, Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, (PhD 2005, York University): Gender, development and globalization; climate change and social justice; women in non-traditional occupations; land and housing rights; NGOs as intermediaries in development.


*Buzzelli, Michael  - Associate Professor, Department of Geography, (PhD 2001, McMaster University). 


*Choi, Kate  - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology. (PhD 2010, University of California - Los Angeles): Interracial marriage; immigrant fertility; immigrant health.


*Clark, Kim  - Professor, Department of Anthropology. (PhD 1993, New School for Social Research): Ecuador; historical and political anthropology; indigenous-state relations; gender; anthropology of the state.

  • 2015. "New Arenas of State Action in the Ecuadorian Highlands: Public Health and State Formation, c. 1925-1950." Pp. 126-141 in Christopher Krupa and David Nugent (eds.) State Theory and Andean Politics: New Approaches to the Study of Rule. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • 2007. Highland Indians and the State in Modern Ecuador (co-edited with Marc Becker). Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. 348 pp.
  • 2005. "Ecuadorian Indians, the Nation and Class in Historical Perspective: Rethinking a 'New Social Movement'." Anthropologica 47:31-43.


*Cleveland, Mark  - Professor, DAN Management and Organizational Studies. (PhD 2006, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University): Cross-cultural consumer behavior; globalization and culture; ethnic and social identity; acculturation; culture in consumption; cosmopolitanism; consumer ethnocentrism; cultural values; materialism.


*Dyczok, Marta  - Associate Professor, Departments of History and Political Science. (DPhil 1995, University of Oxford).

  • 2021. Dyczok, Marta and Diana Dutsyk. "Ukraine’s Media: A Field Where Power is Contested," in Matthew Rojansky, Georgiy Kasianov, and Mykhailo Minakov (eds.),  From 'the Ukraine' to Ukraine: History of Contemporary Ukraine (1991-2020). Hanover: ibidem-Verlag/Wilson Center, distributed by Columbia University.
  • Dyczok, Marta. 2018. "Ukraine’s Media in the Context of Global Cultural Convergence," in Marlene Laruelle and Peter Rollberg (eds.) Mass Media in the Post-Soviet World: Market Forces, State Actors, and Political Manipulation in the Informational Environment after Communism. New York and Hanover: Columbia University Press and ibidem-Verlag. (nominated for book prize)
  • Dyczok, Marta. 2016. "History, Memory, and Media," in Serhiy Plokhii (ed.),  The Future of the Past: New Perspectives on Ukrainian History. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
  • Dyczok, Marta. Under Review. "Ukraine’s Media 2014-2018: Reacting to War." Nationalities Papers.


*Esses, Victoria  - Professor and Director for the Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations, Department of Psychology. (PhD 1986, University of Toronto): Immigration policy and practice; factors affecting the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees; ethnic relations; public attitudes towards immigrants; stereotypes,prejudice, and discrimination.


*Farah, Randa  - Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology. (PhD 1999, University of Toronto): Refugees; involuntary displacement; history/memory and identity; nations and nationalisms, humanitarianism.

  • Farah, Randa. 2021. "The Red Priest of Haifa: Rafiq Farah (1921-2020)." Jerusalem Quarterly 85(2021): 81-105.
  • Farah, Randa. Under Review. "Canada, the Palestinian Refugees and UNRWA," in Michael Lynk, Reem Badhi, and Jeremy Wildeman, (eds.),  Canada and the Palestinians. Regine Press.
  • Farah, Randa. 2016. "The Darker Shades of Exile," in Yasir Suleiman (ed.), Being Palestinian: Personal Reflections on Palestinian Identity in the Diaspora. Edinburgh University Press. Pp. 151-160.
  • Farah, Randa. 2014. "What Forces Shape the Palestinians in Gaza?". alShabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network. September 2014. Reprinted at Ma'an News Agency: http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=729793


*Flath, James  - Associate Professor, Department of History, (PhD 2000, University of British Columbia).

  • Flath, James. 2021. "Popular Woodblock Print and Lithography in the Making of China's Global Imaginary." Contextual Alternate 1(1).
  • Flath, James. 2017. "Crack: Beichuan in Ruins." Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 11(2) 2017, 239-62.
  • Flath, James. 2011.  "Social Narratives in Yangliuqing Nianhua of the 1930s." Arts Asiatiques 66(2011): 69-82.
  • Flath, James. "Reading the Text of the House: domestic ritual configuration through print." in Ronald Knapp, (ed.), House, Home, Family. University of Hawaii Press, 2005.


*Gilliland, Jason  - Professor and Director of the Urban Development Program, Cross Appointed with School of Health Studies and the Department of Paediatrics, Department of Geography. (Phd 2002, McGill University).


*Granadillo, Tania  - Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology. (University of Arizona). ON SABBATICAL 2021-22.


*Michael Haan - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology. (PhD, University of Toronto).


*Halpern, Monda  - Professor, Department of History (PhD 1997, Queen's University): Canadian and American Jewish History.


*Hopkins, Jeff  - Associate Professor and Graduate Chair of Geography, Department of Geography. (PhD 1992, McGill University).


*Jorgensen, Dan  - Adjunct Research Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology. (PhD 1981, University of British Columbia).


*Lawson, Erica -  Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair, Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies (University of Toronto).


*Lehmann, Wolfgang  -  Professor, Department of Sociology. (PhD 2003, University of Alberta).



*Lozanski, Kristin  - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology at King's University College. (PhD 2008, University of Alberta): Global Im/mobilities; citizenship; migrant labour; transnational reproduction; travel/tourism; critical theory.


*Luginaah, Isaac  -  Professor, Department of Geography, (PhD 2001, McMaster University).


*Margolis, Rachel  - Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair, Department of Sociology. (PhD 2011, University of Pennsylvania): demography; families; population health.


*Miller, James  - Associate Professor and Graduate Chair, Comparative Literature, Philosophy Director of the Pride Library.


*Muller, Benjamin  - Associate Professor, Department of Political Science at King's University College. (PhD 2005, Queen's University of Belfast): Borders and borderlands studies; critical security studies; international political sociology; biometric technology and border security; politics of mobility; citizenship and migration studies.

  • 2019. "The Biometric Border," in K. Mitchell, R. Jones, J. Fluri (eds.), Handbook on Critical Geographies of Migration. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • 2016. "The Day the Border Died? The Canadian Border as Checkpoint in an Age of Hemispheric Security and Surveillance," in R. Lippert, K. Walby, I. Warren, D. Palmer (eds), National Security, Surveillance and Terror. Crime Prevention and Security Management. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2010. Security, Risk, and the Biometric State: Governing Borders and Bodies. Routledge.


*Nathans, Eli  - Associate Professor, Department of History (PhD 2001, Johns Hopkins University).


*Pearson, W. G.  - Associate Professor and Chair of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. (PhD 2004, University of Wollongong).

  • Pearson, W.G. "Cruising Canadian SF’s Queer Futurity: Hiromi Goto’s The Kappa Child and Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl," pp. 185-202 in Amy J. Ransom and Dominick Grace (ed.), Bridging the Solitudes: Essays on Canadian Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.
  • Pearson, W.G. "'The Folk Will Continue': Daniel Heath Justice’s The Way of Thorn and Thunder," pp. 293-95 in Mike Levy and Farah Mendleshohn (ed.), Aliens in Pop Culture: A Guide to Visitors from Outer Space. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2019.
  • Pearson, W.G. "Detours Homeward: Indigenous Uses of the Road Movie." The Canadian Journal of Native Studies 31(1) (Fall 2011): 139-59.
  • Pearson, W.G. "Born to be Bron: Destiny and Destinérrance in Samuel Delany's Triton." Science Fiction Studies 109(November 2009): 461-77.


*Pennesi, Karen  - Associate Professor, Department of Linguistic and Sociocultural Anthropology. (PhD 2007, University of Arizona): Language and identity; issues with diversity of personal names in Canada; immigrant integration, performance of social identities; cross-cultural understandings of environment.


*Quinn, Joanna  -–Professor, Professor, Cross Appointed Faculty of Law, Affiliate-Appointed, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (PhD 2003, McMaster University): Truth; conflict; transitional justice; law.


*Rafat, Yasaman  - Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies. (PhD 2011, University of Toronto): Second language speech learning; bilingualism; language attrition.


*Robin, Alena  - Associate Professor, Department of Languages and Cultures. (PhD 2007, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): Colonial Mexican art; Latin American art in Canada; transatlantic studies; passion of Christ.

  • Robin, Alena. "Voices from the Archives. The Painter's Profession in Mexico City in 1735: Phelipe Chacón, José de Ibarra and Nicolás Enríquez in the Royal Mint," pp. 174-191 in Christina Smylitopoulos (ed.), Agents of Space: Eighteenth-Century Art, Architecture and Visual Culture. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-4438-8883-7.
  • Robin, Alena. "A Nazarene in the Nude: Questions of Representation in Devotional Images of New Spain." Horti Hesperidum, studi di storia del collezionismo e della storiografia artistica V(2015, I 1): 201-237. 
  • Robin, Alena. "El Vía Crucis del Museo Regional de Guadalajara y los avatares del tiempo," pp. 35-46 in Actas del Primer Coloquio Interdisciplinar: Museo Regional de Guadalajara hacia su Centenario 1918-2018. Guadalajara, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia 2015.
  • Robin, Alena. "'Trampantojo a lo divino': El Nazareno del Hospital de Jesús en Pennsylvania." Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas 107(2015): 157-171.


*Wolff, Victoria  - Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies. (PhD 2008, McGill University): Interartistic approaches to Hispanic literature; transatlantic studies; intersections of research and teaching; community engaged learning.