Colloquium Series 2007-2008

Fall 2007

Hye-Kyung Lee 
Department of Sociology Pai Chai University, South Korea.
"The Korean Diaspora and its Impact on Korea's Development"

Jeffrey Reitz 
Ethnic, Immigration, and Pluralism Studies, University of Toronto.
"Religion, Religiousity, and the Social Integration of Immigrant Ethnic Groups"

Cenk Saracoglu
Department of Sociology, University of Western Ontario.
"Neoliberalism, Migration, and Ethnicization: Insights from Turkey"

Joseph Berger
Education Columnist, New York Times.
"The World in a City: How Immigration is Changing New York - And All of America"

Joanna Quinn
Department of Political Science, University of Western Ontario.
"Transitional Justice in Uganda"

Stefan Hass
Department of History, University of Toronto.
"Designing a Virtual Habitat: Housing Strategies as Sense-Making in the History of Global Migration"

 Winter 2008

Tim Donais 
Department of Political Science, University of Windsor 
"Re-thinking Local Ownership in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding"

Meyer Burstein 
Senior Policy Fellow, Welcoming Communities Initiative
"Shifting Federal-Provincial Roles in Immigration - Globalization and other Explanations"

Vic Satzewich
Department of Sociology, McMaster University.
"Racism vs. Professionalism: Claims and Counter Claims about Racial Profiling"

Mark Cleveland
Management and Organizational Studies, University of Western Ontario.
"Globals, Locals, and Creoles: Acculturation to Global Consumer Culture, Ethnic Identity, and Consumptionscapes"

Caroline Andrew
School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa.
"Municipal Policy-making and Immigrant Integration: Challenges and Opportunities"

Monda Halpern 
Department of History, University of Western Ontario.
"Jewish Ottawa and the 1931 Edelson/Horwitz Murder Case"

Rod Beaujot 
Department of Sociology, University of Western Ontario 
"Immigration and the Future of the Population of Canada"

Geoff Olsen 
Committee Member of Presbyterian World Service & Development.
"Illegal Immigration and Security Across the Mexican/American Border"

Sam Pehrson
Department of Psychology, University of Sussex.
"National Definitions and the Identification-Prejudice Relationship"