Colloquium Series 2010-2011

Fall 2010

Neil Bradford
Department of Political Science, University of Western Ontario
"Ontario's Local Immigration Partnerships: Renewing Multiculturalism from Below"
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James Walker
Department of History, University of Waterloo
"Southwestern Ontario and the 'Rights Revolution': The Dresden Campaign"

Huda Hussein
Project Coordinator, London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership.
"London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership - Research Needs and Potential Partnerships"
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Deborah Tunis
Director General, Integration Branch, Citizenship and Immigration
"Fostering an Integrated Society - An Aspiration or a Reality?"
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Livianna Tossutti
Department of Political Science, Brock University
"How Canadian Cities are Responding to International Migration"
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Winter 2011

Gary Warrick
Department of Archaeology and Contemporary Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University
"The Disappearance of the Drakensberg San"
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Jasmin Zine
Department of Sociology and Muslim Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University
"Race, Religion, and Securitization: ‘Embedded Academics’ and the Construction of Islamist Youth Radicalism"

Valerian Marochko
Executive Director, London Cross-Cultural Learner Centre
"Providing Services and Supports to Newcomers: The Cross Cultural Learner Centre's Perspective"

Jennifer Hyndman
Centre for Refugee Studies, York University
"New Mobilities, Old Displacements: Protracted Refugee Situations in Theory and (Canadian) Practice"
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Peter Li
Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan
"International Migration in the Age of Globalization: Policy Implications and Challenges"
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Peter Showler
Department of Common Law and The Refugee Forum, University of Ottawa
"Fortress Canada: Circling the Wagons Against Asylum-Seekers"
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Graduate Student Presentations

Jennifer Long
Department of Anthropology, University of Western Ontario
"Negotiating Identity through Public Spaces in the Netherlands"
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Caroline Bennett-AbuAyyash
Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario
"One Justice Fits All? Examining Cross-Cultural Differences in Perceptions of Justice"
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Secil Erdogan
Department of Sociology, University of Western Ontario
"Resettlement and The Crisis of Identity"
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Eduard Alberto Arriaga
Department of Modern Languages, Hispanic Studies, University of Western Ontario.
"Latin American and Hispanic Artistic Representations of Afro in the Globalization"
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