Colloquium Series 2008-2009

Fall 2008

Sharon Lee
Department of Sociology and Population Research Group, University of Victoria.
"Choosing ‘Canadian’ Ethnic Origin: Trends and Implications"
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Mark Franke
Centre for Global Studies, Huron University College, University of Western Ontario.
"The Foreclosure of Refugee Rights Within Virtual Maps of International Protection"

Belinda Dodson
Department of Geography, University of Western Ontario.
"From Migrant Surveys to Migrants' Stories: Reflections on Research On and In Southern Africa"
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Ronald Lee
Journalist, novelist, linguist and activist.
"Gypsy Myth and Romani Reality"

Hong-zen Wang
The Graduate Institute of Sociology, National Sun Yat-sen University,Taiwan.
"Taiwan's Migration Policy in the Nation-Building Process"

Wen-hui Anna Tang
The Graduate Institute of Sociology and Center for General Education, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.
"The Prevention of Domestic Law and Vietnamese Battered Wives in Taiwan"

Winter 2009

Kay Deaux
Department of Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center, New York University, United States.
"To Be an Immigrant: Generation, Location and Negotiation"
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Stephen Saideman
Department of Political Science, McGill University.
"Xenophobia's Silver Lining: Explaining Peace in the Aftermath of Communism"
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Kayoko Ueno
Department of Human Sciences, University of Tokushima, Japan.
“Migrant Domestic Workers in Asia: The Case of Singapore"
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Michelle Baldwin
Executive Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network.
"Nonprofits on the Move in London"
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Jennifer Mills
Community Educator, London Cross Cultural Learner Centre.
"Refugees, Health and Trauma: Barriers to Resettlement"
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Monica Boyd
Department of Sociology, University of Toronto.
"Language at Work: The Impact of Linguistic Enclaves on Immigrant Economic Integration"

Tanya Basok
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Windsor.
"Decline of Social Citizenship and the Changing Nature of the Immigration Regime in Canada"

Bryan Burton
Counsellor, Canadian High Commission.
"The Lord's Resistance Army and Peace in Northern Uganda"

John Biles
Special Advisor, Integration Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
"Everyone's a Critic - Multiculturalism in Canada"
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