Colloquium Series 2009-2010

Fall 2009

Rima Berns-McGown
Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto.
"Beyond Tolerance: The Challenge of Connection and Inclusion"

Winnifred Louis
School of Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia.
"Understanding Attitudes to Refugees and Immigrants in Australia"
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Alan Simmons
Department of Sociology, York University.
"Why Origins Matter? Central Americans in Canada"
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Audrey Kobayashi
Department of Geography, Queens University.
"Doing Collaborative Community Based Research: On the Ground in Kingston"
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Ryan Ford
Editor, 'Your City' Magazine.
"Narrative Design for Popular Media"

Randa Farah
Department of Anthropology, University of Western Ontario.
"Western Sahara Refugees: Building the Nation-State on ‘Borrowed’ Desert Territory"
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Winter 2010

Mizanur Rahman
Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore.
"From Workers to Entrepreneurs: The Development of Bangladeshi Migrant Businesses in East Asia"
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John F. Dovidio
Department of Psychology, Yale University.
"Social Harmony versus Social Change"
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Christopher Taylor
Department of History, University of Western Ontario.
"Creating Multiculturalism: Legislating Racial and Ethnic Identities in Canada"
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Julianna Butler
Department of Anthropology, University of Western Ontario.
"Understanding Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board"
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Dharshi Lacey
Coordinator, London Intercommunity Health Centre.
"Creating Approaches to Providing Inclusive Services"
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